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William Hammond


Naturally, I have always been curious about the body. How it works, how it becomes wrong and how it can adapt. From a young age I have played rugby progressing as I become older through club tournaments up to a national level. Throughout this period I have been surrounded by manual therapists and my interests align. 

Studying at the University College of Osteopathy gave me the opportunity to explore this field. This offered an experience far greater than sports related issues, preparing me for anyone that comes my way. My training allows me to connect with my patients, tailoring a unique journey to recovery. This consists of joint adjustment/manipulation, stretching, soft tissue manipulation, joint articulation and functional rehabilitation. 

My background in sports and personal experiences with manual therapists have led me to become someone who wants to help promote health, heal injuries and prevent musculoskeletal issues. 

I have the ability to treat almost any condition. Most commonly I help with posture and spinal related issues, headaches, sporting injuries and arthritis. My special interests include lower limb conditions with a particular emphasis on ankle sprains. I recently specialised in Dizziness and Vertigo, headache and migraine, jaws dysfunctions (TMJ).

I also have qualifications in massage therapy and cupping. I hope to provide a holistic approach to treatment alongside osteopathic techniques.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you!

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