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WHy hito?

Hito is the Japanese word for “person”, and this perfectly describes how we see each of our patients: as an individual, made of body, mind and energy, who deserves a tailored treatment. Our motto is “find the sea beyond your shell” because there is much more to discover beyond the body and its symptoms.

Our holistic approach combines the best of two worlds: the most advanced Western manual therapies with the traditional Eastern alternative medicine. The therapist will work with you to define the primary cause behind the current symptoms, facilitating the healing process from the root of the problem, towards a definitive resolution and long lasting results.

The logo of Hito is a sea shell characterised by a spiral line symbol of life evolution but also a natural fractal where each single part reflect the whole and vice versa. The shell also represents the stiff body bothered by aches and pains. The little aquamarine dot represent the sea and the colour of the healing energy.

Starting the holistic therapy means the beginning of a new path where you will explore not only the root of the problem and how to cure it but also the various meaning of each symptom from the physical body to your emotions and personal mindset. Your body talks about you, what you need, where you’re going, what you’re thinking most of the time and what your daily feelings: it’s time to learn more about yourself and listen to all those messages!

We are committed to help you get rid of your pain, find a definitive resolution to your conditions and get you back to the best version of yourself.

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