Happy customers.
Amy Jones

Alex was calm, thorough and helped me so much when I was in such a bad state I thought I would have to give up my job but he fixed me for want of a better explanation and I now know how to manage it. This kind of multi therapy, holistic approach just works so much better. Can’t thank or recommend him enough.

thumb_02_60_60 Marco Ciampoli

” Great experience!!! Alessio has a very holistic approach…I went for a chronic left knee pain and he found the root of the problem analysing my posture: the other knee never fully recovered since the ligament reconstruction so I was compensating with it, up to the hips and the lower back over loading all my left side…he fixed me with one long session using this amazing gentle technique called Myofascial induction therapy combined with Cranio-Sacral and, of course, home exercises. Truly recommended!!! “
thumb_03_60_60 Kevin McGuinness

Alessio fixes what others only seek to maintain, with a relaxing & highly effective holistic approach. Would definitely recommend.

thumb_01_60_60Pooja Jeetun

“Great experience! Alesso did a very good myofascia massage identifying areas which needed attention and working on them. I felt rested and my aches and pains generally disappeared over next few days. I would totally recommend Alesso as he is very professional and is very good to relieve aches and pains. “
thumb_02_60_60 Gina McGuinness

“Alessio is a very gifted physio who draws on a variety of different practices for a unique tailor made holistic approach. I cannot thank him enough for helping me. He is an amazing healer! Bravo Alessio! “
thumb_03_60_60 Raymonte Desmond

“Thank you Alessio for your holistic approach over the last few months. After five sessions, I feel wonderful and balanced ! “
thumb_01_60_60Chiara Mariani

“Highly recommended! Alex helped me to fix my shoulder with some useful exercises. All the pain is gone now! Thank you! “
thumb_02_60_60 Em’s Tanner

“I think I’ve ached/been in pain for so long now I’d forgotten what it was like to be pain free. I’ve seen numerous physios over the years which have helped but never really got to the route if what was going on. My initial session was a lot more in depth than I thought it would be and I felt immediate results, however after about 5 days I’m almost completely pain free. I was on the verge of buying a new bed 2 weeks ago, not anymore!!!!! Brilliant, and I shall certainly be going back! “
thumb_03_60_60 Sarah Hill

“Fantastic, professional, healing and good location 5 minutes walk from Moorgate station at the Light Centre, which has many health services under one roof. My shoulder and back get pains on and off and the work done to my shoulder has loosened it up significantly. My lower back also benefited from the muscles being worked on. The combination of techniques is unique and interesting, and I would definitely return again. Thank you! “
thumb_01_60_60Veronica Gmail

“Alessio is very knowledgeable and provides a holistic approach with a combination of treatments depending on my progress. My back pain has improved and I feel overall more flexible ,also highly recommend the chakra balancing , it’ll leave you feeling lighter. “
thumb_02_60_60 Anita Makwana Discover Dance UK

“A very relaxing and rewarding experience by Alessio, who is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to body, mind and spirit collectively as well as individually. A sensation of healing is evident after just one session.”
thumb_03_60_60 Kenneth Tao

“The session I had with Alessio was great as he managed to help me with loosing tentension in my arms and leg, which did help me as a disabled person.
His holistic approach was very good and was very knowledgable in what he does.”
thumb_01_60_60Matt Herring

“Alessio is very intuitive and takes a holistic approach, employing a range of techniques to successfully diagnose and treat. I’ve used a many therapists and I would highly rate and recommend Alessio. He has certainly helped myself and my wife with postural and post surgery issues. “
thumb_02_60_60 Irina Kirikova

“Amazing experience! Magic has been done, and i could feel much more relaxed, balanced and energised after the treatment. Will definitely come back and highly recommend! “
thumb_03_60_60 Andrea Pierpaoli
“His point of view is out of system. He is a really good listener and a precious adviser. I’m always surprised by his attitude of study and upgrade his knowledge to improve his skills and maximise the relationship between his patients and their body. Definitely, if I’m in pain he is the only one I would like to fix me.”
thumb_01_60_60Giovanni Marrollo

“He transmits calm and whatever it is happening in my body, he has the best advices and skills…He likes go deeper in the knowledge, he knows everything about the last news in rehabilitation…he helped me after a wrist fracture and a shoulder instability…and I’m sure that each time I need something he will propose me the most advanced techniques.”
thumb_02_60_60 Amy Jones

“Best thing I ever did, having tried lots of things before & being on the verge of giving up the job I love, the combination of therapies were so effective, I can’t be happier, armed with exercises to keep me going I’m still working and will be eternally grateful, Alessio is also a delightful & professional man who was a pleasure to visit..despite the occasional pain!”
thumb_03_60_60 Lucia D’Agostino

“Amazing experience! Reliable and professional with a lot of passion for his job, transmitted in any phase of treatment. He explained my condition and all solutions to improve it. Always available to meet me and high quality of customer service. Very very good!!!”

thumb_01_60_60Rebecca James

“Alessio is a highly empathetic and intuitive therapist, caring and extremely professional, with a fascinating depth of knowledge. My treatment with him was incredibly effective and put an end to pain I had been experiencing for a very extended time. I would highly recommend Alessio as a practitioner.”

thumb_02_60_60 Rebecca Coley

Alex has a gift for this he is intuitive & his calm approach combining his knowledge means you feel in safe hands. I was surprised the depth of his reading from a short session & his diagnosis & suggestions were spot on. I would highly recommend. Thank you Alex

thumb_03_60_60 Luna Giusi

“I was referred to Alessio through a friend to get help with a sprained ankle and arranged an home visit. Alessio listened carefully to the nature of pain and didn’t make a conclusion until he had fully assessed me. Using a combination of techniques he helped me to solve the problem in just one session. Alessio applied some tape and I had no more swelling or limping. I was impressed by his professionalism and knowledge. If you need a physiotherapist look no further. Highly recommended. Thank you”



Following recently updated guidance (dated 12th May 2020) from NHS England and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), I am pleased to announce that I can now offer ‘face to face’ consultations from July, where clinically appropriate and necessary, as urgent or acute conditions or whether video consultations have not provided enough benefit.

If you are struggling with pain, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss all treatment options and work out what will be best for you!


25% off until the end of July


I may look a little different in a full PPE gear but at the moment this is best way to ensure your protection and safety, respecting the latest current regulation.

Your full recovery in 3 simple steps:

  1. BOOK a Free video call including COVID-19 risk assessment
  2. Video session to get the best exercises, advices and strategy towards a definitive resolution of your symptoms
  3. Face to face consultation if the case strictly requires manual therapy 

Read more about our COVID-19 policy