Hito and the Holistic Therapy

Hito is the Japanese word for “Person” – the aim of the therapy is to look at the individual as a whole and not only the part where the pain or symptoms are located. This is the holistic approach.

In over a decade of experience working with patients, we observed that individuals often develop the physical pain or injury through prolonged periods of energy imbalance, tension, holding the wrong posture and having ‘bad habits’ in joint movements.  In order to ‘survive’ these, the body puts in action a sequence of compensations involving different systems (nervous, hormonal, energetic, digestive, muscular-skeletal) until this mechanism cannot compensate anymore and the symptoms and injury occur. This observation is in line with latest medical research as well as the principles of traditional medicine.

For example, if the pain is in the shoulder and we just treat this joint with a conventional optic, the shoulder will improve after a few sessions.  However if the primary causes are not investigated and resolved, the same issue will easily come back or recur in a different location. Based on experience, shoulder pain or injury may be related to one or more of the following:

  • a myofascial restriction or nerve entrapment
  • a wrong posture (rounding shoulders and winging scapula)
  • a tight diaphragm
  • an issue with the liver (right shoulder) or stomach (left shoulder) struggle
  • the large intestine struggling to digest
  • past emotional traumas of abandonment or betrayal triggered by recent
  • events and struggles to let the past go
  • Throat Chakra imbalance due to lack of self expression
  • energy imbalance in the Large intestine or lung meridians.

With the Hito holistic approach, the patient and therapist works together to define the primary causes of the shoulder pain or injury and find a definitive resolution within a short period, helping the patient be the best version of himself.

The Hito logo represent a TAO symbol where the opposite forces Yin and Yang are coloured in light blue (sea, water, matter) and white (purity, spirit, snow) in alternate cycle of motion (wave) and balance (symmetry), where each person (the Hito symbol in white) continue to exist as pure white soul floating in the immensity of Universe (blue ocean) and a physical body (shell), stiff and fragile but still containing water and able to live in the water. Each element co-exists in each other towards a continuous search for balance.

Our motto is:
“Find the sea beyond your shell” to invite our patients to find their own source and immense energy in the inner self beyond the physical problems because usually the solution for our pain is within us and depends on our ability to regularly rebalance our mind and body, facing various life events.