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I am a naturally curious and active person with a desire to serve and assist others in achieving their goals and contributing towards their dreams. Many years ago, I believed that joining the army would allow me to pursue my passion, and I worked hard for it but my body was not prepared enough. During this time, I decided to take a different path, which would help other people in similar situations.

Due to physiopherapy being a demanding profession, it felt like a breath of fresh air to me. Studying the human body and being around people allowed me to see the difference that advice, education, empathy, and compassion can make in people’s daily lives.

I began volunteering in a small private practice in Romania in 2014, where I learned and shaped my knowledge so that when I graduated in 2016, I was already a valuable member of the team. It was this place where I learned to work and communicate with colleagues and partners in order to provide a positive experience for patients. In 2019, as we all faced numerous changes, I made the decision to discover a new and different healthcare system in the UK.

Each physiotherapy session fascinates me and allows me to make new learning experiences by listening and understanding individual healthcare needs. My experience has taught me that looking at the surface of the human body is insufficient, and that a person’s well-being is at the same time also dependent on their moods and beliefs. This is why communication is important to me, as it allows me to create a personalised treatment plan.

Recently I specialised in dizziness and vertigo (Vestibular Rehabilitation), jaws dysfunctions (TMJ), migraine and headaches, advanced acupuncture.

I enjoy being a physiotherapist, and thanks to you, I learned and grew, so that I am ready to help you.

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