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Cristina Adani

Massage Therapist

I have always been intrigued by the complex mechanism of the human body, so naturally massage was something I always wanted to explore. After pursuing other interests; from getting a degree in Illustration to running a culinary project combatting food waste; my dream to do ‘something with the body’ eventually became a reality with massage – which turned out to be a hidden talent.

​I approach every healing session with presence of mind, considering postural habits, emotional states and stress levels in order to deliver the most effective and holistic treatment. My aim is to provide people with the space and opportunity to step away from the world for a while, to rest and to be still.

The versatility of my treatments allows me to adapt different techniques to each individual’s needs by using a combination of massage techniques, passive joint mobilisation and stretches, which focus on relieving pain and promoting well being.

From my own experience I know how beneficial massage is and how it can help people on many levels; however, massage is often not easy to access. I would like to help anyone who is in need of a massage by keeping my practice affordable, accessible and most of all welcoming to all diversities, thus enabling more people to access regular massage. An example is my work with the Community Massage Project at Common House, in Bethnal Green, and my clinic day at the DIY Space for London, which is between South Bermondsey and New Cross Gate, where I work on a sliding scale offer.

Based in New Cross – South East London, creating a sense of community and connecting with people in my local area, is very important to me. I am interested and open to build connections and working with other community groups who embrace this way of thinking, so please, get in touch with me if you think we can start a nice collaboration.

I am dedicated and sensitive when working with people who want to incorporate massage into their lives as a way to help manage stress and anxiety, and to ease many forms of chronic pain. I believe that mind and body are deeply connected and for this, awareness is the key to change.

It is only by turning our attention inwards that we are we able to notice our needs and understand how to help ourselves.

I love what I’m doing and I approach each therapy session with great passion and respect, as I continue to grow and develop as a therapist, healer and human being.

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